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Structural Engineering

Building Systems Engineering has established itself over the last 25 years, as being specialized in Structural Engineering and Building Envelope Design services for practical and economical structural solutions. Our professional team of engineers and draftmen has many years of experience in aluminum, concrete, masonry, steel, wood and other structural materials. All design engineers and drafters are well versed in the latest building and local code requirements and industry practices.

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings

  • Assembly: churches, gymnasiums, libraries, museums, theaters and schools.
  • Essential Facilities: hospitals, fire and police stations.
  • Offices: banks, medical offices and support facilities.
  • Storage: cold storage facilities, processing plants, retail outlets and warehouses.
  • Retail Facilities: automobile dealerships, restaurants and stores.
  • Transportation Facilities: maintenance and storage facilities, terminals.

Civil Engineering Structures

  • Buried Structures: pump/valve electrical vaults, wet wells, lift stations, water tanks, water and waste water treatment chambers. Precast concrete underground structures for the utilities companies.
  • Foundation: antennas, lighting, signs, standars and towers.
  • Retaining Walls: cantilever retaining walls, gravity walls, tie back wall.
  • Utility Buildings: pump/valve vaults, pump and equipment foundations, pipe supports, water tanks.

Multi-Family and Residential

  • Additions and remodel.
  • Apartments.
  • Condominiums.
  • Custom homes.
  • Structural observation.
  • Structural retrofit.

Building Systems Engineering produces all engineering drawings entirely with our CAD system. Completed drawings can be presented in various formats, and can be transmitted electronically. In addition, most structural calculations are performed using interactive structural analysis and design programs.

The resulting calculations clearly identify all numeric values with units, and are suitable for submission to building agencies. This integrated structural engineering system results in very clear and complete construction documents.