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Building Envelope Design

Building Systems Engineering staff is an interdisciplinary group of highly specialized professionals with Solid Structural and building envelope design knowledge backed by 30 years of solid experience.

BSE has worked directly and indirectly with some of the most reputable companies in the curtain wall industry to design and manufacture quality custom aluminum glazing systems and innovative building envelope solutions for some the finest buildings throughout the west coast of the United States.

Building Envelope Structural Design - Building Structural Design Consulting

  • Computational fluid dynamics or CFD (SolidWorks)
  • Environmental analysis-energy properties simulations (Autodesk Ecotec)
  • 3-D modeling capabilities (SolidWorks; Autodesk AutoCAD).
  • Quality control-physical laboratory mock-up testing.
  • Quality control-virtual testing-finite element analysis (SolidWorks).
  • Building 3D scanning (Autodesk AutoCAD).

Building Envelope Production Design & Drafting Services

  • Production design & drafting (Autodesk AutoCAD, SolidWorks)
  • Materials take-off & optimization (CutLogic)
  • Building 3D scanning (Autodesk AutoCAD).

Building Envelope Structural Analysis Calculations

  • Finite element analysis (SolidWorks, Bentley StaadPro)
  • Structural analysis (Bentley StaadPro, SolidWorks, MathCad, Risa 3D, Sap2000)

Our goal is to find the most cost effective and efficient exterior building envelope design solution for our clients and the projects that BSE undertake.

BSE’s extensive experience in exterior building envelope systems combined with our structural engineering capabilities allows BSE to enhance the building envelope design and structural integrity of the system at the same time.

We pride ourselves in our continuing efforts to maintain close client coordination throughout the life of the project. The firm has consistently been staffed by highly qualified engineers and technical personnel with design capabilities that are enhanced by the use of the latest technologies, computers and software.