Bulding Envelope Finite Element Analysis

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Bulding Envelope Finite Element Analysis

One of our many competencies is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which we use to identify stresses and deflections of complex structural systems, each project that follows we use model stress contour of specific condition.

BSE’s innovating group of Architects and Engineers use several programs to design and study complex geometric problems.

First BSE will model the complete framing system to determine deflections and forces of the overall system and not only individual members then we model specific joinery areas of interest to further determine the effect of different loading combinations on the connections.

This analytical method along with a variety of other drafting and engineering tools and proficiencies helps Building Systems Engineering to create monumental wall systems such as:

  • Monumental Structural glass walls.
  • Cable wall systems.
  • Glass canopies.
  • Clear span structural elements.
  • Glass walls using Architecturally exposed structural steel.


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Bulding Envelope Finite Element Analysis