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Air and Thermal Analysis & Design

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Building Systems Engineering by using its own in house engineering team via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). BSE can create 3-dimensional studies of curtain wall designs with regard to air and thermal energy flow. With the aid of CFD Building Systems Engineering can compare various curtain wall designs approaches and simulate how each approach affects air & thermal energy movement.

This process allows BSE to evaluate a broad range of possible solutions in a short period of time to ensure optimal designs for our customers. One of the most important applications of CFD is the study of thermal air flow in dual skin curtain wall systems which are engineered to greatly enhance the energy efficiency in curtain wall systems. With the benefit of CFD analysis our team of engineers can select a design approach to enhance the energy efficiency of the curtain wall system.

The use of CFD to analyze the curtain wall’s thermal properties is not limited to wall systems is also used to analyze how outside air movement around complex exterior wall features may affect the thermal properties of a traditional curtain wall system.

BSE is one of the few curtain wall engineering firms implementing CFD to resolve complex curtain wall air & thermal infiltration. Armed with the results of this analysis BSE can incorporate this information to use with other programs in order to develop studies such as:

  • Optimization of Structural Properties.
  • Resistance to Air & Water Infiltration.
  • Energy Properties Simulations.


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Air and Thermal Analysis & Design